Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition and what we eat consumes a huge part of our daily lives. How many of you spend your days thinking “what I am going to eat next or where am I going to get my next meal.”? Since we spend a lot of time thinking about food it is beneficial if we spend some time understanding what we are putting into our bodies. In this program you are going to work with me to understand your eating habits and what you need to change or work on. After your nutrition consult I will create your meal plan and prep guide, and together we will continue the work.

Here are some things we will focus on in your first coaching session:

  • Getting creative in the kitchen. Learning how to cook for yourself and your family.

  • Simplicity and using minimal ingredients to make delicious meals.

  • Eating mindful and listening to your bodies needs.

  • Creating a routine and eating out less.

  • Creating good vibes and putting happy energy into your meals. We are what eat!

  • What you need to be consuming and the importance of where you get your food.

  • Connection and emotional eating.

  • Eating for your health or using food as medicine.

  • Supplementing

I hope this inspires you to book a session with me!

Nutrition Coach Session: $40