Self Love Program

Self LOVE is a huge part of keeping happiness + balance in our lives.

With this program I am going to recommend some ways to bring more self love into your life and how to love yourself for who you are.

We will focus on 6 areas in this program.

  • Asking yourself some real life questions. The answers will be life changing. What is missing in your life? What makes you happy? What are you needing to let go of?

  • Creating a plan and goal + intention setting

  • Learning how to create connection to yourself through journaling, meditation and ritual.

  • Creativity and the importance of time for ourselves

  • Intuitive eating, creating a daily practice and the 3 M’s

  • Celebrating your accomplishments and reflection

Self love can literally change your life. It is probably one of the hardest things to do because it is hard to see the change after one session and doesn’t provide instant gratification. However you will start to see the long term benefits after this 6 week program. We need to take more time for ourselves and giving yourself that is going to benefit your current life. Take the time to love yourself! You will be be a better friend, partner and parent because of it. You have to take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else.

Self Love Package : $120